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  • What is the GMU winterguard?
    The GMU winterguard (a.k.a. GMU Guard, Mason Winterguard, Mason Colorguard) is an ensemble within Green Machine Ensembles at George Mason University. We are a participant with WGI and Atlantic Indoor Association, performing at multiple competitions and finals. Learn about who we are here!
  • Where do we rehearse?
    We typically rehearse on campus at George Mason University, but also have weekends off campus at locations like local middle schools, high schools, and recreational facilities.
  • Can anyone audition?
    Yes! Anyone is allowed to audition as long as you pay the one-time, non-refundable audition fee. Our auditions are clinic style, which means you will be assessed individually and in a group. They are a great way to get a feel of the group and learn skills that the GMU winterguard utilizes. In order to receive a contract, you must be 18 years of age/graduated high school. Learn more about auditions here!
  • What is the time commitment like?
    Since we do not rehearse during the week, rehearsal is done during the weekends. We rehearse Friday evenings, all day Saturday, and Sunday until about 5pm. Similar to high school, rehearsal is mandatory in order to make progress on the show. Outside of rehearsal, the group travels to local and regional competitions, and WGI Finals in Dayton, Ohio. Competitions are also mandatory in order to ensure we are being correctly assessed as a full group.
  • How much are dues?
    Dues are an essential part of helping the GMU winterguard continue to bring world-class education, marching, and music to the Northern Virginia area! They are used to pay for transportation, hotels, rehearsal sites, competitions, and more. As of right now, dues have not been announced for the upcoming season. We provide discounts for veteran/returning members, and even more discounts for students at George Mason University. In addition to dues, members are expected to pay for parts of their uniform (performance shoes, accessories, makeup, etc), group jacket, meals, some transportation, and other miscellaneous personal expenses. If you need help with dues, please reach out to the Director and Ensembles Assistant ( in order to work on fundraising initiatives. With time and hard work, it is VERY possible to march if you have financial concerns!
  • I don't live in Northern Virginia... Can I still be a part of the group?
    YES! In the past, we have had members and staff travel to George Mason University from several different locations on the east coast. With enough commitment, you should be able to safely travel back and forth from rehearsal to your home state. Our local members are typically who you should talk to in order to find housing.
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